Musical Youth Merseyside


Musical Youth Merseyside delivers music projects to 14-18 year olds in the Merseyside area. Last night, (Tuesday 3rd February 2004), we held our end of programme concert at the Picket venue.

The event was attended by more than 200 young people and their families. I think the comments of the regional Director for Youth Music, Chris Spriggs, perfectly sum up the importance of this community venue. The email that I received from her reads:

"What an excellent event - well done for all your (and your team's ) hard work. To see the looks of pride and delight on the young performers faces was just wonderful and all of their parents, grandparents, teachers etc too. The atmosphere was really supportive and the presentation/turn around etc handled really professionally."

Chris Spriggs - Youth Music.

Evaluations of previous projects' activities, including recording, rehearsals, design activities etc., have revealed that the live performances at the Picket have had an incredible impact on young people. "It was the best night of my life" and "it made me feel really good about myself" are the most poignant of the feedback from our most recent project. This kind of impact on young people is priceless.

The Picket and Phil Hayes have given thousands of young people a sense of pride and increased self-esteem and also launched hundreds of careers within the music industry. Please do all you can to save this valuable facility.

Andy Pickering, Director - Musical Youth Merseyside.


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