Gallery of supporters of the Picket

Created 18 October 2003

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Pete Townshend during demos of the Who's Next album using a set of Tannoy Red speakers in Lockwood eclosures,specially built to give extended bass resonance.

In 1987 Pete Townshend donated the speakers used in the production of tracks by the Who, Thunderclap Newman, Otway and Barrett among others

Pete Townshend

Phil Hayes and Elvis Costello at the Picket

Elvis Costello

Phil Hayes and Noel Gallagher (Oasis) at the Picket 1 November 1996 for the Liverpool Now festival

Noel Gallagher

Good luck message form Robbie Williamms for Liverpool Now 1998.

Robbie Williams

"Liverpool's talent has touched the hearts of people all over the world. My best wishes to everyone in Liverpool Now!"

Good luck message for Sir George Martin for Liverpool Now, 1998

George Martin

Yoko Ono has donated equipment to the Picket

The message reads "To the Picket, use it well, May 2001"

Yoko Ono

Note from Luce Strummer.

Joe Strummer was a long term supporter.

Joe Strummer Note from Luce Strummer

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